Author C. D. Samuda

C. D. Samuda aka Carolee, is a Self-Published/Independent Author.


Q: What made you choose to Self-Publish, be Independent or go the Traditional route?     

I decided to become a self-published and independent author in order to build an online presence while I hone my craft. My intention is to transition to a traditional publishing house.

Research tells me that traditional publishers are now requesting a publishing profile from authors and many publishers are looking to work with experienced authors.


Q: How many books have you had published?        

I have several novellas, a children's book, a book of poetry and my first full length novel which was published in 3 parts.


Q: What is your favorite genre?     

Paranormal. Other genres I like are   Science Fiction, Romance in any sub-genre, mystery, supernatural.


Q: Please state where your book(s) are currently available:

Amazon and Barnes & Noble


Q: What inspires you as a writer?  

The desire to fulfill a dream I have had since childhood is my inspiration.

Whenever I meet challenges, I draw from the goal I want to achieve and use that to inspire myself to move forward.

There have been many obstacles that have threaten to hold me back, but I must push forward.


Q: What made you become a writer?          

I was always a writer. I dreamed of anything else. This has been my hope, dream and life goal since I could remember.

It took many years to get past the stereotype that people pin on writers. I was made to believe that only crazy people, or people with mental issues write. That is true, but until I learned to accept how crazy I was, I hid myself away from my dream.

When I was younger, it was believed that writers did not earn any money, similar to artists. But I wrestled with that as well.


Q: Do you have a favorite Author?

There are so many. In my teen years, I loved Danielle Steel and Barbara Cartland. Now I admire John Grisham and Stephen King, but there is another author, not as well known who has got my attention. His name is Matthew Mather.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself      

I'm from rural Jamaica, what we call the countryside. I have one sister and two living brothers from my mother's side and my father has three sons that are not my mom's. I'm the only child between my mom and dad.

I never grew with my siblings. I lived with my upper middle class aunt for a good chunk of my childhood. My life is greatly influenced by her ethics, which I will carry with me always.

I was never allowed the things, which other kids loved as they were looked upon as common. This caused me to be a little arrogant in my late teens to early thirties. I felt that I was better than others for some time, until life taught me lessons and I realized we are all the same and money and stature means nothing. I learned that the way we treat people is the most important thing.

Plus, I can't live without cheesecake, chocolate and my animals.


Q: Name your most successful book:            

I don't have one at the moment. The novellas in my series seem to do equally well.


Q: Is there one book you enjoyed writing more than the others?  

I enjoyed writing Destined For The Alien Prince because I got a chance to thicken the plot even more so than books 1 and 2.


Q: Are you working on something new?    



Q: If so, tell us about it.      

I'm working on the special edition, an installment in the Princes of Uvieroein Series. This one is called Birthright: Ariella's Story


Q: What can we expect from you in the future?      

More in the series and several other books that are sitting on my PC waiting to be finished.


Q: How long does it take you to write a novel?        

Oh God, don't ask. It depends. Some days I can get 6,000 words out easily. Other days I write zilch.


Q: How do you attract sales to your books?             

Social media, finding promotional websites that feature your genre.


Q: What advice can you give to aspiring authors?   

Keep plugging away. Never give up on your dream. But while you are at it, remember that readers want quality and not necessarily the amount of books you can push out per month. Take the time to improve your craft, edit, edit and edit some more. Get help if necessary but always make sure you publish your best.


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