Author James W. Nelson

James is a Self-Published/Independent Author


Q: What made you choose to Self-Publish or become an Independent Author?               

Back in the day, editors and publishers had all the say in what was published, or not. Worse they had all the say in what we were allowed to read.

Today that's no longer the case. Anybody can say most anything. But just because anybody can do that does not mean everything written (self-published) is good reading. But then, of course, everything traditionally published is not good reading either.

Times have changed, and I went happily with the change.

I am my own writer, editor, publisher.


Q: How many books have you had published?  

16 books, 9 short stories, 2 books of short stories, my autobiography


Q: What is your favorite genre?               


Q: Other genres you like             

Political, war/suspense


Q: Please state where your book(s) are currently available        




Q: What inspires you as a writer?           

Life itself. Much of my writing has been inspired by personal experience with a ton of fiction thrown in. Once the general idea is there and a couple main characters are created, they (the characters) take over and my fingers just try to keep up.


Q: What made you become a writer?    

For the most part I'm an introvert, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to say, and it's not that people wouldn't listen to me. It was me who couldn't get my point across verbally.

So I started writing, just with the pen and pencil and lined notepaper to start, then a manual typewriter (Wow!) then an electric typewriter with inked cartridges and correction fluid (whiteout) (Double Wow!!) then an early computer with like a TV screen but still a typewriter which would print out one page at a time (Triple Wow!!!)

Finally, a real computer that always was quitting working.

At last a laptop (Quadruple Wow!!!!)

And I'm finally getting my point across.


Q: Do you have a favorite Author?          

Tom Clancy/Dean Koontz


Q: Tell us a little about yourself               

I was born in a little farmhouse on the prairie in eastern North Dakota in 1944. Some doctors made house calls back in those days. I remember kerosene lamps, bathing in a large galvanized tub, and a phone number was a long ring followed by four short ones, and everybody in the neighborhood could rubberneck. (Imagine that today!)

I have been telling stories most of my life. Some of my first memories happened during recess in a one-room country schoolhouse near Walcott, ND. My little friends, eyes wide, would gather round and listen to my every hastily-imagined word. It was a beginning. Fascinated by the world beginning to open, I remember listening to the teacher read to all twelve kids in the eight grades.

I was living in that same house on the land originally homesteaded by my great grandfather, when a savage tornado hit in 1955 and destroyed everything. We rebuilt and my family remained until the early nineteen-seventies when diversified farming began changing to industrial agribusiness (not necessarily a good thing.) I spent four years in the US Navy during the Vietnam War (USS Carbonero and USS Archerfish, both submarines.)

After the navy I worked many jobs and finally settled on a few acres exactly two and one half miles straight west of the original farmstead, ironically likely the very spot where the 1955 tornado first struck, which sometimes gives me a spooky feeling.


Q: A little more Biography:

I live among goldfinches, chickadees, nuthatches, blue jays, crows, cottontails, squirrels, deer, mink, badgers, coyotes, wallflowers, spiderworts, sunflowers, goldenrod, big and little bluestem, switchgrass, needle & thread grass, June berries, chokecherries, oaks, willows, boxelders and cottonwoods, in the outback of eastern North Dakota.


Q: Name your most successful book      

Daughters (my 6-book human trafficking series)


Q: What made this book more successful than the others?        

Human trafficking identifies a worldwide problem


Q: Is there one book you enjoyed writing more than the others?            

New World Order Rising (a 4-book series) It was fun creating a 7-year-old girl and seeing her grow into a strong 17-year-old girl.


Q: Are you working on something new?              

Yes "America Gets Her First Woman President"


Q: If so, tell us about it.

Just 10,000 words so an easy, quick read. For now it's on pre-order at Amazon, final version must be uploaded by midnight September 13, 2016. It will be free immediately for 5 days and the entire 10,000 words will also be placed on Facebook. Why? Because I'm trying to influence the election.


Q: What can we expect from you in the future?               

A dream has always been creating a nature series on the order of author Sally Carrighar. The animals do not speak but we see the action through their eyes.


Q: How long does it take you to write a novel?

About two months, and then endless editing and adding details.


Q: How do you attract sales to your books?        

That's a problem


Q: What advice can you give to aspiring authors?            

First you have to write and write and write, and if you aren't already you have to read and read and read, not just novels and biographies. I have read at least a dozen books on grammar and just plain learning to write.

I will never forget reading a book where the author did everything he could to discourage me, but in the end his is the book I remember.

Sorry, I lost the book and cannot tell you the name of the author.

Anyway, you have to discover for yourself.

Oh, and don't be afraid to ask for help, and if you get hard and bad news the worst thing you can do is strike back, but rather learn from that hard and bad news.



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